Musicians defend Ukraine

Protect Ukrainian artists who save our cities!

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Our goal is to involve the global music industry in supporting Ukrainian artists who defend their cities and work as volunteers.

This sprint, we are raising funds for:

  • Drones
  • Rescue cars
  • Humanitarian needs
Photo: Aris Messinis

You can support us with money, help spread the word, give public support, and provide publications in your media and social networks. Play our tracks, sing our songs, and preserve Ukrainian culture together with us. All the money received will be sent to our colleagues in the music industry, who are actively involved in volunteering and defending their cities.

Culture manager Lesya Chernets with her team founded a FIRST AID KIT production 

We encourage you to join and share information about MUSICIANS DEFEND UKRAINE campaign and donate, so we can save lives together.

Famous band DakhaBrakha promotes Ukrainian culture abroad and supports our fund. Photo: Vitaliy Vorobyov

Another month of the fund’s activity has passed and we’re ready to report on what we’ve done.

The charity foundation was created by Ukrainian cultural organizations: Shpytal Records, kontrabass promo, and Love’n’Joy. We will regularly report on the funds we raised and their purpose on our social media pages.

We provided:

Optical devices 26
Tourniquets 73
Surveillance drones 16
Hemostatic agents 131
Cars 5
Tactical medicines 177
Vehicle repair 17
First aid kits 72
Cars funding support 5
Pesonal protective equipment 219
Body armors 13
Tactical clothes 35
Helmets 30
Batteries & generators 98
Laptops & tablets 17
Tires 18

All donation methods:



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Visa/MasterCard Ukraine

SWIFT (€, International)

  • IBAN: UA783220010000026207316890553 Copy
  • Account No: 26207316890553 Copy
  • Receiver: BAZAKA YURII, 03056, Ukraine, c. Kyiv, st. Vyborzka, build. 1 Copy
  • Swift code: UNJSUAUKXXX Copy
  • City: KYIV, UKRAINE Copy
  • Details of payment: donation for MUSICIANS DEFEND UKRAINE Copy

Donate to NGO account (€, International)

  • IBAN: UA263204780000026001924907677 Copy
  • Bank: JSB Ukrgasbank Kiev UKRAINE Copy
  • Swift code: UGASUAUK Copy
  • Name of Beneficiary: NGO SHPYTAL CULTURAL Copy
  • Details of payment: Donation payment for MUSICIANS DEFEND UKRAINE Copy
  • Correspondent Bank: Account 400886433201; SWIFT COBADEFF Copy

Donate to NGO account (Ukraine)

  • IBAN: UA603005280000026005000027875 Copy
  • Код банку: 300528 Copy
  • РНОКФО: 44793741 Copy
  • Отримувач: ГО “МДЮ” Copy
  • Призначення: Благодійний внесок Musicians Defend Ukraine Copy

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Our team

Oleksandr Drachuk
Tik Tu, Omodada Gee, Shpytal Records studio

Anna Evstigneeva & Anton Pushkar
Love‘n’Joy, Crimy Records studio

Yurii Bazaka & Kateryna Voichuk
kontrabass promo

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